Living the Examined Life Out Loud

Season #2

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Cue the Indigo Girls... "And now you had to bring up reincarnation over a coupla beers the other night..."  You know, we're not sure. We've both been exposed to numerous stories that make reincarnation feel very real.

To help us ponder the above question, we welcome our guest Corbie Mitlied who really brings to life (pun intended) the idea of reincarnation as an intuitive counselor. She has made her own path, rather than take the one cut out for her by others. The path wasn’t easy and consists of t two marriages, which didn’t last, a constant search for the "Partner Who Understood", a succession of jobs, and a series of spiritual paths. Then, out of the blue, she got breast cancer...THREE times.

Life became a roller coaster with no brakes, asking Corbie to survive divorce, abuse, poverty and life-threatening illness. But through all of this, she learned the value of the "Examined Life", in which she ask herself...what does this mean and what am I meant to learn from this?

In today's episode, Corbie teaches us the three important questions to examine our lives and explore our purpose here on this earth. What are we meant to do and learn? How can we meet challenges and always ask the next question and face each new situation with strength, courage and humor. Corbie sees it as her job as an intuitive counselor, inspirational speaker, author, breast cancer survivor to give her clients the tools and courage to deal with any situation.

She believes that everything else is free will. So, today Corbie reminds us that we can do what she does! What will YOU do? We want you to follow us in our FB group and leave us a review so we can continue to connect like minded women in midlife together because no one should have to navigate this crazy shit show alone! lol

In this episode, Corbie teaches us:

  1. Find Karma is 5 things: healing, service, contrast, unbalanced energy and healing of beliefs. The more we know ourselves and our strengths, the more we'll keep when we pass over into our next life.

  2. Live the examined life by asking ourselves: what can I learn from this and how can I teach with it ...then consider what is the next thing!

  3. Embrace YOU! There's more to go in life and we are more than just a part of our story that took place in our history. Who are you now? You are more than just the contest winner, the divorce, the car accident, the cancer survivor, the miscarriage,

  4. Find your sentence of passion...It's not the JOB. Your sentence of passion is the thing that, when you roll up to the pearly gates, hair on fire and fumes in the tank you can say, "I did this!" It's the moments where you were living in your bliss.

  5. Ask yourself the 3 most important questions in the world: What am I ____ about? (fill in the blank with your feeling or emotion...angry, sad, confused, frustrated, etc.) Why am I _____ about that? What would happen if I stopped being ____ about that?

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