Healing the Relationship With Yourself Through Spiritual Empowerment

Season #2

We waste no time in jumping directly into our conversation with Dr. Marcia Martin and dive deep into dialogue before we even get a chance to properly welcome her to the show! Perhaps, it is because Dr. Marcia Martin has SOO much rich information to share with us. 

Dr. Marcia goes by many titles: Heart Healer, a spiritual empowerment counselor, metaphysical minister, bestselling author, public speaker, and clairaudient angel communicator. She specializes in helping people heal their relationship with themselves. Dr. Marcia operates under the premise that, by healing the heart of all your past pain and trauma, you will then be able to establish and maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others so you can live a successful life.

Her unique, heart-centered, energetic, healing approach, the Angel Heart Healing Technique, enables you to build the perfect relationship with yourself and helps you answer the questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? and Where am I going?” Dr. Marcia will help you release your greatest fear so you can achieve your biggest dreams as you heal your heart and transform your life.

So many women in midlife struggle with feeling bound by societal norms and limiting beliefs that prevent us from making choices that allow us to live in alignment with who we are and share our gifts with the world. Dr. Marcia helps us to learn the difference between selfish and selfless, we can lead you to be able to make proactive choices for yourself, while still meeting the needs of others.

It is her mission to teach others how to honor those who are important in their lives without putting themselves in last place. Dr. Marcia demonstrates over and over again that, when we learn to heal our relationship with ourselves and give ourselves permission to choose a path that is inclusive rather than exclusive of Self, anything is possible. 

In this episode, Dr. Marcia teaches us:

  1. Go for the usual. It is normal for you to feel strong and to feel accomplished but the UNusual (i.e. feelings of anxiety or fear) catches our attention and disrupts our feelings. YOU get to decide where you stay.

  2. Stop doing whatever you're doing when you hit the point of saying I should do more. Take a break and then come back to the task. don't over extend yourself. 

  3. Show yourself empathy by connecting to your heart and telling yourself "I love you." You can also enhance your relationship to Self and show yourself compassion by apologizing TO YOU when necessary.

  4. Give yourself permission to live in alignment with your own energetic heartspace and values vs. what society deems you should be. You will not be perfect in the beginning, but you will experience greater joy than you've ever known when you share your gifts with the world.

  5. As you give, you must allow yourself to give and RECEIVE. The difference between selfishness and selflessness is that selfishness is that you give and give until you have created dependency until you have nothing left to give...leaving everyone without. Selflessness is when you allow yourself to be filled until you are overflowing and then give from your overflow.


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