Radiating Authenticity and Celebrating Your True Colors

Season #2

I'd like for us to pause a moment and reflect on and CELEBRATE a major milestone! Today, we are releasing out 100th Episode! We started Dear Midlife on Valentines day of 2022 and we've consistently released 1 episode every week for almost 2 full years!  And today we celebrate and honor the women we were when we started this endeavor, and the women that we have become. It is fun to reflect on the growth we've both experienced since beginning our show. Each guest has touched us in unique and special ways and we've taken the tips and tools offered by each to heart and have both evolved a great deal individually and together this past couple of years.

One special guest who has made an impact on us is our dear friend Heather Hope Wyszinski. 4 Years ago, after celebrating her 40th birthday, she looked in the mirror and noticed how her body had changed after years of pregnancy, corporate stress, nursing and sleep deprivation. She said she noticed she had bags under her eyes and had decided to attempt a DIY closet makeover to refresh her life when the House of Colour found her. As a franchise owner of The House of Colour, she now gets the opportunity as an image consultant to empower and inspire women, daily, to see themselves in a new light.

She helps clients cultivate confidence through a color and style analysis. You see, ladies, we can control the message we convey through our non-verbal communication and the way we show up. When you look feel good. Heather helps her clients develop their own authentic style and elevate their personal brand with intention by helping them understand their personal color palette and the styles that suit them.

The thing we love most about Heather and her process is that she helps you to rediscover your own personal beauty. Every one of us is beautiful in our own special and unique way. Heather helps uncover your natural beauty and appearance and step into your light with confidence and authenticity. You don't need to hide behind a lot of makeup, fade into invisible with age, blend in, or get stuck in what's no longer serving you. You simply need the tools to stand out as your most unique and be-YOU-tiful self.

Today we speak with Heather about her own midlife entrepreneurial journey and how she's evolved personally and professionally. Heather stepped into a new life chapter after 40 and has changed thousands of people's lives in doing so. 

In this episode, Heather teaches us: 

  1. Sometimes we have to start new chapters messy. If we wait for perfection, we'll never get started. We provide freedom to those around us to fail, but avoid failure ourselves. Let's show ourselves the same grace we show others.

  2. It's time to operate in your zone of genius. Take stock of what you are passionate about and what you do well and do more of those things. Find opportunity to delegate or outsource tasks and activities that you are not effective or efficient at doing.

  3. Social narratives have told women time and time again that we are not enough. But, you ARE enough...and sometimes it just takes someone to show you how to lean into your most authentic self. Call her a sherpa of sass

  4. Embrace who you are and where you are now and celebrate!

  5. Reflect on what compliments that you've received over the years. They are indicators of how others see you. Gravitate towards replicating the looks and styles in which you've received the most compliments in the past.

What is your next chapter? You see, here at the Dear Midlife podcast, we want to give you the tools to grow and evolve, because baby girl...THIS is our time! The second half of your life is just beginning! How will you live it? If you want to do more and be more...join us! Follow our show so you never miss an episode, follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook Community! Exciting things are coming in the new year and you won't want to miss a thing!