Slaying Metabolic Myths While Feasting, Lifting and LIVING

Season #2

I don't know about you, but we have been taught for our entire lives to eat less and do more exercise if you want to stay fit and lose weight. and girl...we've taken that shit to heart!  Is anyone else out there finding it frustrating that, lately, what used to work to help shed a couple of pounds no longer works! Heck! In midlife, it feels like everything...including our dragging. AND, if you're like us, you feel hungry all the time!

If you're feeling as though you're at your wits end, don't despair! You will love what our guest today, Sarah Thomas, says about stepping into this chapter in life and looking at the years ahead as a clean slate. We have this new opportunity in midlife to live our best years AND Sarah will convince us today that we can actually ENJOY life FEAST on foods we love while also maintaining a healthy body weight.

Sarah is the founder of Burn Fat and Feast, elite comprehensive wellness lifestyle for women across the globe. She is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Nutrition Coach for women 30+ who are ready to live a healthy and strong lifestyle. For more than 22 years, she has been teaching them how to balance their hormones and metabolism through proper nutrition, mindset training, and quick and effective fitness workouts so that they can take back control of their health and finally feel their best. 

Sarah, herself, is a 45-year-old personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, business mentor, wife, mom of three, and BFF for women who feel stuck and frustrated with weight loss and overall well being. Burn Fat and FEAST provides a proven, step-by-step system that educates and empowers women to finally shed the excess weight, increase metabolism and stop the yo-yo dieting once and for all. At Burn Fat and FEAST we teach women to live life to the fullest by focusing on progress over perfection!

Sarah is your girl if you want results without feeling deprived or getting stuck in a plateau. She's been featured in TV and magazine publications such as Nashville's Talk of the Town, Franklin Lifestyle, The Tennessean, Nashville Voyager as well as on Podcasts and as a keynote speaker for national wellness and educational conferences across the country.

In this episode, Sarah teaches us: 

  1. We've grown up being told eat less, put yourself in a caloric deficit and you will lose weight. But, we are not math equations. we are more complex and other things like hormones, metabolism and stress all impact our ability to lose weight.

  2. Make it a "feast" day...not a "cheat" day. Ensure you build into your lifestyle the ability to engage socially and enjoy life.

  3. This phase of life is like a new beginning or a blank slate. YOU get to choose how you approach this chapter in life and how you want to approach life in a different way in order to live a more vibrant lifestyle.

  4. Prioritize protein! Our bodies need more protein as we get older and increasing our intake of protein helps us to better maintain our muscle mass as we face this season of life where everything is slowing down.

  5. We also need to be capable to prioritize strength training 3x per week as adding muscle mass will support your metabolism. Then we need to ensure that we are get good sleep to allow ourselves to rest and recover.

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