Transforming Your Life and Relationships by Choosing Love

Season #3

Let's face it...Our world today can be a SHIT show and all of this negativity can get a girl down. You know it was the end of last year and Shelby found that she was getting overwhelmed and burned out. I don't know about you...but, when this chic is tired, that permeates my day and bleeds into what and how I communicate. Much to her dismay, she suddenly caught herself spewing negativity in conversations with her team and her daughters. She began complaining about customers, traffic, life! And all of a sudden she was like who am I?! This is NOT me and she had to make a conscientious choice to shift my mindset and when she did, things shifted in her the way I felt about her day and her life. 

The famous Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton said "Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive good things and good people will be drawn to you." This is so true. And you know, more often than not, people tend to dwell on the negative, rather than the positive and yet, it takes equal amounts of energy to put out a positive vibe as it does a negative one!

Our guest today, Atousa Raissyan, proves this point in her book called "Change Yourself, Change The World: Transform your life from fear-based living to choosing love and seeing magic". Atousa is recognized as a Shaman, Transformational Heart-Centered Healer and Spiritual Guide, Motivational Speaker. She is also a bestselling author, poet and digital artist. Her passion is to help people light up by guiding them to release their traumas and reprogram their fear-based living to a more heart-centered peaceful life.

Atousa’s extensive experience comes from years of transforming the life of her clients to tap in their truth, heart and experience their desired life, and in turn change the lives of those around them. Because of this transformational experience her clients refer to her as “Guiding Light,” “Life Changing,” “Best Teacher And Mentor,” “Game Changer,”. She has been featured in USA Today, Potomac Lifestyle Magazine, Entrepreneur Herald. She has been a guest speaker at over twenty-five podcasts and summits past two years.

  1. If you want to transform your relationships and the people around you, start with transforming yourself by learning to love and accept yourself.

  2. The trauma in our lives can be seen as a hindrance and can make us a victim or we can choose to see it as a gift. Healing our traumas and evaluating what we've learned from those experiences is part of the process of growth and transformation

  3. Self-love and self-care are different. Self-love starts with looking in the mirror and loving everything about the person staring back at you. Every night choose 5 thing on the outside of your body (your smile, your skin, your collarbones) and 5 things on the inside of your body (your heart, your brain) and tell these things you love them.

  4. Some trauma is passed down generationally in the form of the disease that we inherit from our family and ancestors. However, you can be the one to stop the cycle by healing yourself. It's not too late.

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The one most important message that Atousa shared with us today is if you want to transform your life, it starts with transforming and reconnecting with yourself. We are here to go on this journey with you so you don't have to do it alone! Let's face our next chapter with the joy, enthusiasm and magic that Atousa preaches. When we come together with this energy, we can move mountains ladies. And we have the tools to help you remember who you are and figure out who you want to become! So, Please follow this podcast so you don't miss any important news and find us at so we transform our lives together.