Dear Midlife...

Dear Midlife...

Hosted by: Shelby Bybee and Trinity Greenfield

Listen up, gorgeous! Are you over 40? Are you feeling stuck? The proverbial midlife crisis is for real and we're here to tell you that you don't have to go it alone! The Dear Midlife mission is all about unleashing...


Finding Spiritual Alignment in Your Life

Season #1 Episode #52

From the moment I wake up....Before I put on my make-up...I say a little prayer for you! How many of you women out there need a little reminder that YOU ARE WORTHY?  What if you could carry in your pocket gorgeous...
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Using the Biology of Trauma to Heal Your Body

Season #1 Episode #51

Dr. Aimie Apigian is THE REAL DEAL! In this episode she teaches us about the "Biology of Trauma™ a unique lens for understanding trauma and how to emerge from it by joining the two worlds of neuroscience and trauma...
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Leaving the Cold Behind to Find a Life With Soul

Season #1 Episode #50

Our guest today, Melissa Giller, is an MBA and former Sr. Management consultant with a Big 4 firm. But, decided to leave the corporate world behind "on a whim". Or so she says, but in reality Melissa, like many of us,...
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Success is Science...Aligning Your Life to Achieve Results

Season #1 Episode #49

Ladies, ya'll know midlife is FULL of transitions. We spend our WHOLE lives as women living for every. one. else. Can I get an "amen" if you know what i'm talking about?!?!  AMEN! So see, what happens in...
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Healing Through Radical Self-Compassion and Acceptance

Season #1 Episode #48

Today's guest Helen Ferguson, likens our "Self" to little Russian nesting may be familiar with these. They are often ornately painted wooden doll figurines-a bit shaped like an hourglass. You can separate...
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Get On Your Feet and Navigate Trauma with Resilience

Season #1 Episode #45

So, you may not know Trinity's story. Her father threatened to kill her mom when she and her sister were young and they fled their city and lived on the run for several years under assumed names. Our guest today,...
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Using Quantum Mechanics to Manifest Expansion

Season #1 Episode #44

Our guest today, Andrea  Lowell, has come into our lives at just the perfect time when we needed to receive the message that she's sharing! Andrea was exactly where we are at one point. She was working a full-time...
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Planning a Value-Driven Life you Love

Season #1 Episode #43

You probably know by now that Trinity is not a "journaler" so, it won't come as any surprise that she's also not a planner or a scheduler. If you've seen any of her Facebook posts, you know she loves to do fun and...
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Let Go of Struggle and Find Knowing

Season #1 Episode #42

Well, last week, Trinity went through a therapeutic conversation with our guest and dug into her relationship with her ex-husband to understand why she felt she was perpetually chasing someone who was emotionally...
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Navigating Post-Separation Abuse with Strength and Courage

Season #1 Episode #41

Vickie Lynn is a freedom fighter and overcomer, rising out of the ashes from 25 years of narcissistic abuse. She’s a faith-based, high conflict co-parenting and divorce coach reaching back into the fire to help other...
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Chasing Opposing Attachment Styles

Season #1 Episode #40

This episode turned into a little mini-therapy session for Trinity! It was fascinating to dig into her personal relationship with her ex as the perfect case study, in this instance, to unpack attachment styles. Carla...
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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Finding Your Voice

Season #1 Episode #39

Our guest today, Kim Muench wrote a book titled "Becoming Me While Raising You-A Mother's Journey to Herself" Which exactly describes my relationship with my 2 teenage daughters at the moment. I have wanted to be the...
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