Rock Your Holidays and Your Life

Season #2

So, today I was in the grocery store and couldn't help but notice that Halloween decorations are already on display. I swear! it seems like big box retailers are pushing consumers towards the holidays sooner than ever before!

Then Trinity noticed that Starbucks is making a huge deal about bringing in Pumpkin Spice back into their stores on August 24th! We've started to feel like we can't even enjoy summer because we're being pushed immediately to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas on the timescale of the big box retailers!. Next year they will start putting that shit out in June instead of August! we can't tell you the anxiety that creates in our friggen souls! It makes us feel like we're running behind. Oh shit, I haven't even bought my turkey yet...bitch it is the beginning of SEPTEMBER!

Our guests today, Natascha Corrigan and Alegre Ramos are badass productivity bitches! They help us to bring more JOY into our lives and holidays. They remind us that we are in control of our holidays and the amount of joy we experience. With a little "pre-party planning" we CAN have a joyful holiday season.

You may remember these ladies! We interviewed them in episode 43! Now, We are bringing them back in celebration of the release of their new book "Rock Your Holidays", which came out September 8th. In this book, Natascha and Alegre remind us to keep the "Fun in the Fun", take our control of the holidays back and do what works for US this holiday season so we can turn down the noise and turn up the joy and the jingle in the way that really matters!

Not only do Natascha and Alegre share with us amazing tips to rock our holiday season but, also, provide tips and tricks that can be applied universally across your life and they show us how they can be applied in practical ways!

 In this episode, our girls teach us: 

  1. Make small course corrections along the way as you start to adopt a new habit. These little adjustments can keep you more in alignment of your goal and prevent you from steering too far off path.

  2. Enlist a friend! Doing what may otherwise be tedious tasks with a friend makes it that much more fun and friends can help you see what you can't....they can help point out what is/isn't important and your wins and opportunities for improvement that support small course corrects.

  3. List all of the possible things you might want to do this holiday season and give them a rating on a scale from 1-5 and remove those activities that are not the highest priority!

  4. Define what intention you want to carry into this holiday season. Is it joy? Is it peace and calm? Define what you want the holiday to feel like and then use that as your litmus or touchstone for all activities by asking yourself is this activity in alignment with my holiday intention.

  5. Keep fun FUN!!

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